Getting to Know the Greenwich Printmakers Association Artists

What makes the Greenwich Printmakers Association unique is its members. Each one is an artist in their own right, and collectively they administer, staff and supply the Greenwich Printmakers Gallery. At any given time any one of the artists may be in the gallery and willing to share a little of what inspires them to produce the beautiful prints that are on display. While each of the printmaker members exhibits within the Gallery on a regular basis, you can see many of the artist’s works exhibited at other locations too. Their artwork is for sale at very reasonable prices at the Gallery, so be sure to check out their many beautiful pieces. Now let’s take a little time to get to know some of the past and present member artists and what you can expect to see from each of them.

Sawako Ando – Past – Several art pieces by Sawako Ando have sold at auction, and often uses inks and washes that permeate the canvas to create paintings that are a combination of abstraction and metaphorics. Sawako Ando has won numerous prizes and studied at Slade School of Fine Art and Chelsea School of Art & Design.

Alison Bernal – Past – Alison is now a member of the East London Printmakers and has been a printmaker for over 15 years, with a heavy accent on intaglio techniques. Her recent works have been focused on cloud formations, which have inspired some beautiful art pieces in both intaglio and emboss techniques.

Aimee Birnbaum - Into the Deep
Aimee Birnbaum – Into the Deep

Aimee Birnbaum – Present – New York City-born, Aimee now maintains studios in both London and Tuscany. Her artistic focus is on etchings and vivid watercolor paintings, many of which feature nature and people in a way that tells a story. Aimee is a member of the prestigious Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolors.

David Bowyer – Present – David has a long history with printmaking from being responsible for the school Christmas card at the age of 16. His work includes limited edition color etchings and watercolors. David also teaches to supplement his income as an artist.

Nikki Braunton – Present – Nikki’s fascination with humor in the world has led her artistic focus to create etchings of people in what appear to be humorous situations but are often tinged with darkness and sadness. A combination of dry point and collograph techniques give her prints a haunting quality.

Angela Brookes – Present – Angela’s preferred art form is etchings, often of landscapes and how the light interacts with the land, particularly in the evenings. Her work includes many coastal landscapes, and she tends to limit her printings to small numbers of around 10.

Libby Carreck - Inky Leaves
Libby Carreck – Inky Leaves

Libby Carreck – Present – Libby produces vibrant colored etchings and watercolors, often of flowers, leaves, shells, feathers and landscapes. She also works in oil and intaglio to create prints depicting natural forms.

Lucy Chapman – Past – Lucy gains much of her inspiration for her art work from walking around the city and observing the relationships between the city and its inhabitants. Lucy works mainly in screen print to create her unique pieces, working by hand to produce limited edition prints.

Mary Cossey – Present – Mary has spent the past 20 years drawing, etching and painting her grandchildren. She has also made prints using trees, parks and buildings as her artistic inspiration. While she prefers to work directly from the subject, she will on occasion use photographs and sketches to work from.

Diana Croft – Present – Diana specializes in linocuts and collographs, using nature and landscapes for her inspiration. Her prints tend to have a strong pattern and are often stylized representations, and her latest works are semi-abstract prints that are inspired by seed heads and other plant life.

Carolyn Fuller - Stunning Relief Print
Carolyn Fuller – Stunning Relief Print

Carolyn Fuller – Present – Carolyn creates linocut prints that make full use of a rich color palette. Her prints tend to consist of multiple layers that depict local and national scenes, as well as some international. Carolyn’s works are often very vibrant and she hand prints her pieces.

Jennie Ing – Present – Jennie has a strong interest in architecture and the shapes and lines form buildings. Much of her art work is multi-layered linocuts in bright colors. Many of her pieces are inspired by buildings and landmarks around London, and worked in relief print.

Joanna Irvin – Present – Many of Joanna’s art pieces are created from sketches inspired by scenes observed while traveling and on camping and cycling holidays to islands in the Hebrides and Brittany as well as other interesting locations.

Olivia Krimpas – Present – Olivia’s prints are created using a combination of etching, drawing and painting, and often use vibrant layers of colors through the use of multiple plates. She is inspired by movement, both of people and objects, much of it coming from her background in dance. Her work has been sold worldwide.