Creative Gifts Artists Will Love

When a person is creative by nature it can be difficult to find something equally creative to give as a gift. You may lack inspiration and wonder what on earth you could find to give that artistic person in your life and be wandering around the shops or searching the internet aimlessly, despairing of ever finding something that is unique and creative enough to please them. The following list of creative gifts should get your own creative juices flowing.

3D Printing Pen3D Printing Pen – Imagine being able to draw and create something that is 3 dimensional. For the average artist this is likely to be a fascinating new tool that will stretch their artistic imagination to figure out ways to incorporate it into their current medium. While artists are always seeking new ways to have their pieces appear to ‘come alive’ and ‘jump off the canvas’ this pen will actually allow that to happen.

Day PlannerDay Planner – Many artistic people can get so immersed in creating their art that they completely lose track of time. Important dates and appointment times can easily become overlooked. A day planner will make keeping track of those not-to-be-missed events easier. There are a huge variety of day planners, appointment books and the like available, ranging from budget-conscious prices right up to luxurious.

Stress BallsStress Balls – Thinking and planning an art piece can become stressful, especially when it doesn’t seem to be coming together as it should. Artistic people will often wander around the room, working through the problems and seeking solutions. A set of stress balls will keep their hands busy and at the same time help them relax and let the inspiration come to them. The softer varieties of stress balls can be flung against a wall in a fit of artistic temper without causing damage too, which is a huge bonus!

Core Muscle Workout StoolCore Muscle Workout Stool – If your artist sits for long periods of time it is important that they avoid serious injury to their health. Studies have proven that sitting in the same position for more than a short time without a break is extremely detrimental. The core muscle workout stool will help alleviate any problems caused by sitting still for too long. Your artist can maintain good posture by working out core muscles and not have to leave their seat.

Coloring Book CourseColoring Book Course – While some artists may be offended by the thought of making coloring pages out of their art work others will see it as a great way to make money while they wait to become famous and be able to sell their original pieces. A course that teaches how to create coloring pages from their original works and make them into books that can then be sold is likely to be something they don’t already have.

Coffee Mug Warmer – Don’t coffee and art go hand in hand? Certainly when an artist is focused on creating a masterpiece they want to be able to reach without looking and grab that wonderfully hot cup of java. Sadly, for most people coffee gets cold far quicker than they would like, and artists are take more exception to cold coffee than most. A coffee mug warmer will keep that ever-so-vital cup of coffee warm as long as the artist remembers to put the mug back on it.

A Wish List JarA Wish List Jar – Artists are like most other people and have a list of things they wish they had in their life. Whether the artist in your life is the stereotyped ‘starving artist’ or one who has experienced success and is ‘making it’ in the art world a special jar that they can fill with notes of things they wish for will not only make their life easier but yours too. No more searching for inspiration for gift ideas in the future. Just pull out one of the notes and fulfill the wish.

Mystery TourMystery Tour – A mystery tour can be as simple as a drive in the country, stopping at places of interest so your artist can sketch or photograph, or can be as elaborate as a trip to an art gallery, followed by dinner and an overnight stay in a top-notch hotel. Think of somewhere you know they would love to go and surprise them with it.