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Founded in 1979 the Greenwich Printmakers Association’s aim is to provide a permanent venue for their members to display their artistic works in a gallery that is run as a cooperative effort, with the artist printmakers undertaking staffing and administrative roles. The cooperative addresses the needs of the artists to be able to introduce and display their work for the enjoyment and purchase of the viewing public, thereby solving the problem many face of finding space within the London area that is not cost-prohibitive. In addition to helping keep the gallery running members attend regular meetings to discuss various aspects of the association, promote the gallery and create new art work for the 5 gallery exhibitions staged each year.

As well as being a gallery where the artists can display their work the Greenwich Market, London location offers an extensive number of members’ prints for purchase. All prints are original creations, with a heavy emphasis on intaglio and relief techniques. The Association currently has over 30 printmaker members so is able to provide a wide range of prints in various styles for the public to buy and enjoy in their own homes. A large number of prints are framed and ready for either displaying or for gift-giving, with as many prints available unframed. The store also offers a wide range of greeting cards featuring the original works of the artist members.

A recent redecoration of the gallery has made it lighter and brighter, giving the displayed prints an attractive back drop and the members an aesthetically pleasing environment in which to display and sell their art works. The freshness of the refurbishment has greatly improved the gallery, making it an attractive and fun place to peruse and purchase at leisure. At this time the gallery is not available for hire.

The members present five exhibitions per year, all featuring new works, at the gallery, as well as at other national and international locales, including U.S.A, Canada and Germany. The opportunity to present their work to a larger audience is critical to the artist’s success, and where it would be difficult and expensive for them to achieve this alone, the Greenwich Printmakers Association cooperative gives each and every one of its members the space and freedom to a wider audience of art-appreciative shoppers, while allowing them to enjoy being part of something wonderful and inspiring.

Greenwich Printmakers Association Artists

Aimee Birnbaum - Into the Deep
Aimee Birnbaum – Into the Deep

What makes the Greenwich Printmakers Association unique is its members. Each one is an artist in their own right, and collectively they administer, staff and supply the Greenwich Printmakers Gallery. At any given time any one of the artists may be in the gallery and willing to share a little of what inspires them to produce the beautiful prints that are on display.

Sawako Ando – Past – Several art pieces by Sawako Ando have sold at auction, and often uses inks and washes that permeate the canvas to create paintings that are a combination of abstraction and metaphorics. Sawako Ando has won numerous prizes and studied at Slade School of Fine Art and Chelsea School of Art & Design. [more]

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3D Printing Pen3D Printing Pen – Imagine being able to draw and create something that is 3 dimensional. For the average artist this is likely to be a fascinating new tool that will stretch their artistic imagination to figure out ways to incorporate it into their current medium. While artists are always seeking new ways to have their pieces appear to ‘come alive’ and ‘jump off the canvas’ this pen will actually allow that to happen.[more]